Buyer’s Market Inc. has aligned itself with a full service licensed Professional Employer Organization (“PEO”) with the ability to provide services in 48 states. Our Partner has been operating in the PEO industry for last twenty-two years with expertise in all areas concerned with Human Resource and Risk Management.

They provide the support to its clients to cost effectively outsource management of human resources, employee benefits, payroll and workers’ compensation insurance, safety and loss prevention, medical benefits, 401K retirement plan options and voluntary benefits. By outsourcing these areas it allows you to focus on the core activities of your operations that generate revenue rather than the areas that cost your operations revenue. This is a turn-key opportunity, which many of your colleagues are already utilizing to relieve the daily red tape associated with the Federal, State and Local laws required for operating a business.

Our Partner services a variety of industries with a focus upon the transportation industry and has worked with FedEx Contractors for the past 6 years. We understand the specific needs required by FedEx contractors and provide the professional services you need to stay competitive in today’s marketplace. This turn-key opportunity will give your staff more time to focus on areas that are productive and welcome the opportunity to discuss the cost savings and services available through the PEO industry.