How to become an Independent Fedex Contractor
12 Jul

Are you an independent contractor, and interested in working with FedEx? You can choose according to your entrepreneurial interests.

You can contract with FedEx as a ground independent contractor, home delivery independent contractor, and Custom Critical owner-operator.

Here’s something that you need to know about your opportunity as a FedEx Contractor:

Ground Independent FedEx Contractor

Ground contractors take packages on long routes between FedEx ground locations. You have to make your own rig, but FedEx supplies the trailer. If you are a ground contractor, you will be responsible for all business-related expenses.

The qualification requirements for you to work as an independent FedEx Ground contractor include:

  • You have at least one year of commercial driving experience in the past three years
  • A clean record of positive alcohol or drug test
  • Require current commercial driver’s license
  • Able to cross the border into Canada

Home Delivery Independent Contractor

It is exactly what it sounds like: You will be responsible for packages picking up and delivery to homes. You must lease your delivery van and pick up the tab on fuel, insurance, and other charges related to your business.

Eligibility for becoming a home delivery contractor includes:

  • Have at least you have one year of commercial driving experience in the last three years
  • Positive alcohol and drug test
  • Have a current commercial driver’s license
  • You should be able to cross the border into Canada

Custom Critical Owner Operator

Custom Critical owner-operators make up FedEx’s entire Custom Critical fleet. You can qualify for a FedEx owner-operator position if you have a vehicle or planning to buy a vehicle.

Some eligibility requirements vary according to your cargo van, small straight truck, large straight truck or tractor-trailer, but your must-have qualifications include the following:

  • You have three or less moving violations in the last three years
  • Maximum one moving violation in the previous year
  • You have to go through a physical and drug test from the U.S. Department of Transportation
  • Required a proper class commercial driver’s license
  • Cannot have an apparent preventable accident resulting in death, severe injury or payout greater than $100,000
  • No evidence or conviction of using a mobile phone while driving in the last year
  • No felonies whose clearance completion of probation, parole, imprisonment or a court-ordered diversion program occurred within the previous seven years
  • In the last five years No DUIs or DWIs
  • No misdeed during the last three years

Becoming a Contractor with FedEx

If you’re interested in one position mentioned above, you need to get in touch with Buyers Market Inc either by calling 281-777-6325 or filling out the contact form on FedEx’s company website.

You must have to fill the FedEx’s Custom Critical online form, from the website. The form requests information including your

  • Social Security number
  • Home address history of the last three years
  • Driver’s license number
  • Driver’s license history of the last three years
  • Last ten years of employment history
  • History of convictions, traffic accidents, and violations from the last three years
  • Criminal history
  • Military history