FedEx Contractors looking to Sell

Buyer’s Market, Inc. offers comprehensive guidance for those looking to buy or sell FedEx routes. Our team prides itself on being able to navigate through a host of complex variables pertaining to the purchase or sale of a FedEx route or business. We provide expert advice to our clients that begins by assisting buyers in evaluating possible acquisition candidates, by introducing buyers to financing sources that may help to fund an acquisition and by providing referrals for legal and accounting professionals who specialize in the purchase and sale of FedEx routes. We assist sellers in valuing their routes, preparing marketing presentations, and in identifying qualified buyers. Our assistance continues through the closing process and beyond to help ensure that a seamless and mutually rewarding transition from seller to buyer occurs.

What we bring to the table

  • Confidentiality – Our services assure confidentiality at all times – before – during – after
  • Qualified Buyers – We qualify ALL buyers before they look at your business
  • Buyer Financing – We have financing sources to finance the buyers so you do not have to
  • Buyer Network – All locations have a large existing buyer pool to draw buyers from
  • Advertising – We are networked with 150+ networks to target new qualified buyers
  • Experience – Buyer’s Market Inc. has put a considerable amount of time into every aspect of the delivery route sales business. We can help you with just about everything you will need to be successful in your sell.
  • Recognition – Our company is nationally recognized for their business brokering systems
  • No Retainer Fees – We make our money when you do – at closing – true motivation!
  • FedEx Requirements – We make sure new Buyers have everything they need to become an FedEx contractor.

What we do for you

  • We represent the business Owner from start to finish!
  • We do a Business Market Valuation for you
  • We review and provide analysis on the business financials
  • We attend all seller/broker meetings with you
  • We manage all due diligence with you
  • We present all offers on your behalf
  • We represent you to closing

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