Fed Ex Routes for sale
11 May

Every business person works with an entrepreneurial spirit that shines, and several of them yearn to be independent business owners. Lots of these people look at buying FedEx Route. And for practical reasons. As a comparatively sound and stable investment, FedEx routes will show a mean increase of 15% per annum.

Deciding on buying FedEx Route is a great investment. But, you’ll put in numerous thoughts on the price of buying FedEx Route; however, rest assured there are many upsides to this business.

Here are some advantages of FedEx Route ownership:

FedEx contractor’s area unit pays weekly.

Thanks to the continued boom in online searching, delivery services have skyrocketed. Do we see this trend dropping? Nope.

Revenue from the business helps the contractors to arrange their budget effectively, eliminating surprises. Still, there aren’t any guarantees for the future. Owning a FedEx route allows you to have a watchful eye on staffing, coming up with, and adjusting the business accordingly.

Regularly regarded as a great brand, the FedEx name comes with a long history of success. And with numerous business operations, FedEx service isn’t dependent on any other businesses. Yes, we tend to connect FedEx with Amazon. But, place things in perspective, FedEx solely handles more or less three times Amazon’s shipping business. Therefore because of the large retail experiments with “Seller Flex” and drone delivery, the FedEx business won’t be small. It will only get bigger.

Being a part of the FedEx family provides you access to great networks and leadership that has helped keep the business afloat throughout troublesome economic times. FedEx has traditionally battled back against rising fuel costs and even the world financial crisis of 2008.

With the organic growth, FedEx has experienced, some years have been way over 100 percent year-over-year, the corporate rewards flourishing contractors with more routes.

The time is right to think about shopping for FedEx route through a broker. With continued growth, the sky is the limit.


FedEx Ground routes are often very profitable, though not instantly. When you purchase the route, you’ll have to buy a truck (which varies in size) and get things like insurance. However, the routes will generate a generous revenue over time.

Of course, you may have to drive the vehicle, which could need further license endorsements and DOT documentation. However, those things aren’t expensive.

In this field, most route owners are small businesses owner. They bought many routes, then employed many people to run them. They get compensated through hourly pay including bonuses for exceeding an expected quota of deliveries and pick-ups per day.